My Other Love(r)

You may have noticed my posts have been thinning lately. It’s the result of two things…

One I guess is a natural selection type thing- I’ve taken pics of all the great graffiti in my ‘burb (Sydney- more of a city but that’s another story) and now only post when I see things that are unique and unusual.

The second is that I’ve been working on a new/old side project: Margolias Design. You may have seen a previous post with some of my handmade silver jewellery. I’ve been developing my style and am seeing how far I can take it. Check out my etsy page for a closer look at some of latest lost wax cast pieces of jewellery! Picture below for your viewing pleasure.

margolias design Ring Collage

and for those of you hanging out to see more street art, more is on its way!

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One Response to My Other Love(r)

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Great to see these pieces ruby blue! and to find out your secret love.

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