Lost wax cast silver rings

Two sterling silver rings that I have recently created using the lost wax casting method.


Lost wax casting is a pretty ancient technique which involves sculpting a wax object, creating a mould in plaster, heating and draining the wax (through funnels), and then filling the hollow space with a liquid metal. The plaster cast is then cooled and  shattered, and the hardened metal sawed, filed, sanded and polished to create the final product!

I learnt how to do this during a jewellery elective at College of Fine Arts, Sydney during my undergraduate degree – only the creation of the wax object and then the finishing of the metal object – leave the heavy-duty stuff for the professionals! I used tools from my dad’s tool box and bought some odds & ends from the hardware store. Jewellery supplies were purchased at House of Jewellery on York st, Sydney and the actual casting done at Palloys on Foveaux st, Sydney.

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