Photojournal Tel Aviv: Street Art & Graffiti in the land of Milk & Honey



n.b. Tel Aviv Museum of Art is currently exhibiting images of local street art:

lonely pic from Jerusalem


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2 Responses to Photojournal Tel Aviv: Street Art & Graffiti in the land of Milk & Honey

  1. TD says:

    Hey, I love that you got the guy who looks like he did a deal with the devil to be a virtuoso on the violin…I go past it on the bus from Jaffa every week and was wanting to take a photo! Hope your trip is still going well x Tess

    • jk says:

      Thanks! Yeah I loved that guy also.. He was kinda spooky in a good way… In China at the moment, just about to start writing another blog! Stay tuned hehe xx

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