Venice Hourly Fashion

Keeping a survey of the most popular fashion trends, quirks and faux pas at this year’s Venice Biennale

Start time: 2.37pm

People who leave their sunglasses on inside: IIIII IIIII III
People who leave their hats on inside: IIIII IIII III [IIIII were those cute little golf caps]

Men with long hair: IIIII
Men with facial hair (attractive): IIIII II
Men with facial hair (unattractive): IIIII IIIII IIII
Women with asymmetrical hair: IIIII

Ugly sandles: IIIII IIIII IIIII IIII- gave up, too many to count
Generally ugly shoes: I – too many to count!
Red shoes: III
Blue shoes: II
Awkward heels: I

Video cameras: I
Kids with cameras: II
Annoying ringtones: I

Ugly backpacks: IIIII II – too many to count
Designer handbags: I
People who strap their backpack across their stomach/chest: II
Tote bags: IIIII III

Round glasses: III
Particularly good fashion people: IIII
Same colour clothes head to toe: IIIII IIIII II
Stripes: IIII
Men with pants that are too tight: II
Women with one earring: I

End time : 3.27pm

So it seems comfort reigns especially when you are spending hours walking around a dusty, dirty site searching for artistic treasures among the many national pavilions. This particular hour seemed especially daggy and I’m not sure where the trendy artsy folk have disappeared to!? Does an older crowd justify poorer fashion decisions? Unfortunately I can’t do a nationality breakdown- would have been quite interesting to dissect the results. Also I’m not going to judge these people because I know how easy it is to let it all slide when on holiday…!

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