Whats Hot | Whats Not | Venice Biennale

Don’t come to this years Venice Biennale without abiding by some of this season’s trends.

– Digital SLR camera, or if you are kinda trendy, retro old school cameras are back in fashion. For those with kids, let your child be your photographer, or better yet, buy them their own SLR. Whoever heard of too young?! They could be the next Picasso…

– The man date. There’s nothing more in right now than escorting a man friend to see art. I’m not talking about the girl/guy variety date but guy/guy. Sexual orientation is irrelevant. Try dress the same as well to confuse others about your sexual orientation. If you are a girl, bringing your guy is the next best option.

– Small children are also hot accessories. They show that you can have it all- the family, the career, and the interest and time to visit obscure contemporary art. Well behaved kids show that you really have pulled it off, while screaming brats reiterate that art and children don’t mix. Don’t let your kids touch anything- hidden ‘art’ lurks everywhere.

– Tote bag. Yes, we know povo student/ hipster fashion is in. Even if your ‘other bag’ is a leather Gucci, a tote bag can show off to the world where you’ve been and what you like, or what you’ve casually found hiding in the closet/op shop. Don’t underestimate the street cred of a tote bag.

– Home made lunch. Although don’t make the sandwhich at home, rather bring your fancy cheese, italian meats, bread and a knife, and make one while sitting in the shade on the side of a canal. Preferrably while wearing clear jelly sandles.

– Some quirky touch to your appearance to show that despite all your money, you are in touch with your artistic side. [German people are somehow exempt]. This can also help differentiate yourself from the plebs. Perhaps grow a little strand of hair longer than the rest, wear pyjamas out of the house, buy some round tortoise shell spectacles (i do love these actually) or adopt a child from a different ethnic background.

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