The Museum/Gallery List

What better way to follow up on post one- The Travel Booklist, than with The Museum/Gallery List. A bit cliche, but they say to write what you know, and this is what I know.

Perhaps its easier if I write in backwards chronological order?

* Mueso Correr, Venice
A beautiful gallery which includes remnants of Venetian history (huge stilt heels, cartographical maps etc), marble and bronze sculptures and busts, and too many baby Jesus and Mary paintings. It’s part of The Musei Civici di Venezia, with art and objects bequeathed by Teodoro Correr in 1830. I was amazed by the photographic work of Chinese artist Huang Kehua in the library.


* Doge’s Palace, Venice
A huge palace, home of the former government, the Doge’s apartment and the dungeon (complete with flower graffiti-stickers by this New York artist whose name I cannot remember or find in google…!)


* Palazzo Grassi, Venice
A beautiful Venetian palace which houses the contemporary collection of Francois Pinault. One of the best museums I have been to on my trip- the art was provocative, well made and thoughtful, and the presentation immaculate. No more overly-conceptual, poorly executed art ( “I could do that”), but the stuff that makes you respect the artist. Highlights of ‘The World Belongs to You’ exhibition include Joana Vasconcelos ‘Contamination’, a huge stuffed monstrosity which literally contaminated the foyered and surrounding areas, and Ghana artsist El Anatsu’s bottlecap ‘tapestries’.



* Punta Della Dogana, Venice
The exhibition ‘In Praise of Doubt’ included some great pieces, set in the restored former customs house. Highlights include ‘Roxy’s’ by Edward Kienholz and Roni Horn’s ‘Well and Truly’.




* Venice Biennale, Venice
How can I leave this one out? So much to see, so little time! Even being in Venice for a month, I know I will not see everything, but have made a decent dent in the list- Giardini, Arsenale, and many national pavilions and offsite exhibitions. The art is very conceptual and often a bit convoluted, but perhaps more time is needed to appreciate some works. 'The Golden Thread' by Armanious is one that requires some time, but is a gem of an exhibition which encourages contemplation on the value, aesthetics and nature of contemporary art. The work by Thomas Hirschorn in the Swiss Pavilion was amazing, and explored ideas of consumerism, creating a physical representation of the excesses of our society. Other favourite national pavilions were Czech Republic, featuring Dominik Lang, Canada, featuring Steven Shearer and the Zimbabwe pavilion. The 'Future Pass: From Asia to the World' offsite exhibition, one of the first that I saw, was quirky, and inviting. Characteristic of a new art aesthetic, this exhibition held many suprises and delights.

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  1. jer says:

    did u take those photos?

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